VGS Group was established to create a professional golf ecosystem that brings players the most convenience and comfort when using the service. VGS Group operates with the motto: taking "Soul - Wisdom - Trust" as the core value towards a prestigious golf corporation with leading golf products and services, thereby contributing to the connection, building a strong Vietnamese Golf community reaching out to the region.
  From the application vHandicap - National technology platform for handicap calculation in Golf sport created by VGS Holding, VGS group has grown and grown with 9 member companies spread across the North - Central – South region, forming a unified, transparent, and connected golf service corporation with a full and diverse range of golf and golfer-centric products, in which:
  1. The exclusive and unique vHandicap national handicap scoring system in Vietnam that applies handicap calculation according to WHS (World Handicap System) standards has been gradually developed with many modern utilities and technologies. serve the golf community;
  2. Fast and convenient golf course booking technology platform with the most professional golf customer care service;
  3. Creating the most luxurious, top-class domestic and international golf tours for domestic and international high-class customers;
  4. Organize domestic and international golf tournaments with the two largest national professional and amateur golf tournament systems in the country;
  5. Providing professional and high-class golf communication products with the largest golf website platform, updating the fastest golf information in Vietnam;
  6. Building and developing an e-commerce site, online shopping exclusively for the golf community with the most luxurious golf products;


Good seeds only germinate and grow when the environment is favorable
 VGS Group is a gathering place for people with progressive thought, disciplined action, talent and bravery, patriotism and national pride, good direction, and especially a strong, ... dedicated, and responsible working spirit. responsible for good purposes, for a passion to bring Vietnamese golf to the region and the world.
 What makes VGS Group successful is the intelligence and bravery of the leader and the cooperation and efforts of each officer and employee in the company for a common goal in a young environment. share, exchange, and connect. It is this that has created a unique culture with bold humanity at VGS Group.
 VGS Group highly appreciates the human factor, aiming to build a friendly - professional - harmonious working environment between a young, dynamic staff and a young, ... enthusiastic, responsible, and enterprising leadership team. Dare to be and is a solid fulcrum for each officer and employee to be assured of dedication and creativity. All create a dynamic and developing VGS Group.
 With a potential golf market and a corporation scale spanning 3 regions of the country, VGS Group is currently opening up a lot of career opportunities for everyone with ... the motto: Each person is a special individual. special, superior and equal in life, we open up an opportunity for you to promote all your special and superiority to unite in a harmonious common environment, creating a colorful, strong, and growing VGS.

Career opportunities


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